Are You Ready to Sing?

Do you love to sing and want to make a unique impact in the development of Esther, an up-and-coming musical? We are crowdsourcing (“Choirsourcing?”) the songs, and giving you the chance to sing some pretty cool new music… before it gets on stage.

We provide the sheet music, accompaniment music, and everything you need. You just need to register, sing, and upload your video. There is no fee to participate – we only ask that you do your best, and give us some feedback. (We’ll also combine all of the submissions to create a virtual choir, then send you a link to the video.)

It’s easy to get started. Just register and validate your account.  You can sing either of the songs… or both!  Listen to them below to get a sense of the music.

Important:  If you are part of a choir and your choir director has already registered, they will provide a special link for the music.  No need to register yourself! (Unless you also want to sing in our global virtual choir as an individual.)

Singers:  If you have ALREADY SIGNED UP, please log in here.

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Corner Block (SATB): Intro to the musical, ballad with a funk-hip bridge.

Finale (SSAATTB): Multi-layered mash-up of key songs from the musical; a bit more challenging.

1) Download sheet music

Download the sheet music for your part – remember you can sing either song… or both.

Corner Block:  Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass
Finale:  Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

Note:  Once you are registered, the links above will be hot.

2) Practice

When you practice by yourself, you can use the sheet music, the video conductor, and/or the audio reference tracks.  Listen to the count-in, and practice doing the “clap” at the beginning so that we can synchronize all of the files later on.  (Note: if you would prefer to download the music for your part, hold the shift key while you click.)

Corner Block:  Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Video Conductor

Finale:  Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto 1, Alto 2, Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass, Video Conductor

3) Record your performance

You will need to have two devices – a playback device so that you can listen to the reference track, and a recording device to capture your recording. Plug your headphones into your playback device, so that when you are recording your singing, the recording only captures your voice – not the reference track.

Note: we only want one singer in each video! If you have a friend who also wants to sing, please ask them to register themselves. You can practice together, but both of you should record individually.

Timing:  The FINAL deadline for receiving files is January 17, 2022.

How to sound (and look) your best:

  • Choose your recording space: Record in a quiet room, with the door closed. Turn off anything that might make noise, such as other computers, telephones, fans, air conditioners. If there are unexpected sounds (doorbells, dogs barking, etc) please re-do your recording: we want your singing – not your dog’s!
  • Look your best: Make sure that you are not in shadow, and that your face is well lit. Please use white or off-white background, and a plain darker blue or green shirt or blouse, without any logos or advertising. Busy backgrounds or clothing are distracting.
  • Set up your playback device: Tee up your reference track, and connect your headphones. Many people might find that they sing better when they have only ONE ear covered. Give it a try! (And if you’re using a smartphone, use the Do Not Disturb feature and Silent mode so that the recording isn’t interrupted by ringing or buzzing.)
  • Set up your recording device: Use a tripod if you can, to reduce any movement. Frame the camera on your face (landscape orientation), rather than your upper or full body, as this will result in better sound. Record at either 720p or 1080p, ideally in MP4 format; 4K videos result in file sizes that are too large. Don’t forget to set Do Not Disturb and Silent mode.
  • Record and Save your performance: First, press “record” on your recording device, and then start playing your reference track. To help us synchronize the track, listen to the count-in (“clap-2-3-4”), and then “clap” in sync. At the end of the song, remain silent for a few seconds before you actually stop your recording. Save your video, and if you like it, you can upload it. Or, if you think you can do better, repeat the process, and choose the recording that you think is best.
4) Upload your video

Well done! Now is the time to upload. Note that our system can only handle file sizes up to 250MB. If your file size is larger than this, you will need to “compress” the file so that it is smaller. (One free web utility for doing this is Note: Once the file is uploaded, it cannot be replaced or deleted.

Please upload the correct file below:

(Note: uploads are only available for singers who have registered.)

5) Provide feedback (please)

We can only make the music better with your feedback! Please share your feedback on the song (or songs) that you have submitted, below.

Feedback? Suggestions? Did you enjoy singing?

(Feedback is only available for singers who have registered.)

6) Now that you're done...
  • Great work! And when Esther is on the stage, you can sing along… and tell your friends about your experience. As a small thank you, we’ll send you some neat digital swag – look for an email soon after you upload your performance.
  • Meanwhile, let your friends know that they can also Sing with Esther. We’d love to hear their musical interpretation and read their feedback too. Let us know their name, and when they upload their performance, we’ll send you more exclusive swag as a thank you for letting them know.
  • Post your video on your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and anywhere else you’d like. Please tag it with #SingWithEsther and #MusicalEsther.
  • We have a number of other songs from the musical that we’d like to workshop. We’ll let you know when they’re available; we’d love to hear you sing them!
  • Watch your email for the launch date of the Corner Block and Finale videos. It takes some time to put it all together, but we’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready!