Choir Directors

Thanks for your interest! We are looking to work with a small number of musical and choir directors who want to make a unique impact in the development of the musical Who is Esther, while also adding some great music to their repertoire!

There is no fee to participate, and no licensing fees for the music. We will provide sheet music and audio files for each part (and a director’s score), and we ask only that you provide a video recording of a performance.  Of course, we would love your feedback and suggestions on the music and arrangement too. 

We know that some choirs are still working virtually, while others are now completely “in person”.  Sing with Esther program can work with both: we provide everything, and make it easy.  We hope that Sing with Esther will provide you and your choir a unique opportunity to make a difference… and have some fun. 

Note: If you have ALREADY SIGNED UP and have been accepted into the program, please log in here.

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Why Sing with Esther?

Have fun singing

More than anything else, we LOVE to sing! And singing original music before it’s on stage is pretty cool.

Make an impact

Any feedback you provide (and your singing) can help fine-tune the final music and words. Your (singing) matters!

Be part of something big

We’ll be creating a hall-of-fame gallery with your performance, and the performance of the other choirs.

Listen to others

How do others interpret the same music? What can you learn from them… and what can they learn from you?

Get Esther swag

All choir directors get some cool swag as a thank you for participating. (We’ll also send some digital swag for your choir.)

Be part of history

Every choir gets their name memorialized on the original Who is Esther website.

Two great songs – with or without vocal percussion

Corner Block (SATB): Intro to the musical, ballad with a funk-hip bridge.

Finale (SSAATTB): Multi-layered mash-up of key songs from the musical; a bit more challenging.

About Who is Esther

The story itself has a long pedigree:  like Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, the Esther story is 2500 years old. Who is Esther is set in the present day, and like our diverse society, has a diverse musical style: from funk, to rap, rock, and fusion.  Its message is timeless, and resonates in today’s world of #metoo, corporate greed, social justice, and the freedom to think for yourself. If you are a producer considering your next season’s productions, more information is available at