About Sing With Esther

One of the most important parts of developing a new musical is the process of workshopping: the process of bringing together singers and musicians to go through the music and provide constructive feedback. With each iteration of feedback, the music gets stronger, more memorable, and one step closer to performance on stage.

Because of COVID-19, traditional workshopping wasn’t feasible. So we decided to throw caution to the wind, and rely on the wisdom of hundreds of choir directors and their choirs around the world instead. We know you enjoy music, and your interpretations and any feedback you provide will make a difference. We are reaching out to select choir directors who might be interested in adding Esther songs to their repertoire (and providing feedback). And if you are reading this page, we’d like to add you to the list as well.

Of the 21 songs in the musical, we have arranged two of them for choir: Corner Block (SATB) and the Finale (SSAATTB). You can choose to do one, or both. We’ve recorded examples below with optional vocal percussion.

A big thank you to Mallory McGrath, who sang all reference tracks for Soprano and Alto, Robby Burko (Finale arrangement, Tenor, Bass), Jeremy Burko (Corner Block arrangement, Tenor, Bass), and the incredibly talented Jon Jon Rivero, for vocal percussion.  All music was written and produced by Randall Craig.

About Who is Esther

The story itself has a long pedigree:  like Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, the Esther story is 2500 years old. Who is Esther is set in the present day, and like our diverse society, has a diverse musical style: from funk, to rap, rock, and fusion.  Its message is timeless, and resonates in today’s world of #metoo, corporate greed, social justice, and the freedom to think for yourself. If you are a producer considering your next season’s productions, more information is available at www.WhoIsEsther.com.

Book and Music for Who is Esther by Randall Craig.

The video below is the MUSICAL THEATER version of the Finale: