Sing with Esther

Esther is an up-and-coming musical about a modern-day heroine who inspires people to believe that everyone has it within themselves to make a difference.

You have a unique opportunity to sing in our global virtual workshop

Find out more how to get the music, upload your video, and how you can make a difference
(no cost)

Learn about bringing Esther to your SATB choir, and provide feedback to the Esther team
(no cost)

Why Sing with Esther?

Have fun singing

More than anything else, we LOVE to sing! And singing original music before it’s on stage is pretty cool.

Make an impact

Your feedback (and your singing) will be used to fine-tune the final music and words. Your (singing) matters!

Be part of something big

We’ll be stitching your singing together with everyone else’s, and creating a YouTube video that you can share with your friends.

Listen to others

How do others interpret the same music? What can you learn from them… and what can they learn from you?

Get Esther swag

All participants get cool digital swag.  Zoom backgrounds, a certificate, and more!

Be part of history

Every participant gets their name memorialized on the original Esther The Musical website.

Corner Block (SATB): Intro to the musical, ballad with a funk-hip bridge.

Finale (SSAATTB): Multi-layered mash-up of key songs from the musical; a bit more challenging.